Ubuntu: How to change the color of the panel(frames) of Chrome in a custom GTK theme?


so I installed Ubuntu 14.04(with Unity) on Virtual Box and after that I installed Numix theme. After that I tweaked the gtk.css file which is in /usr/share/themes/Numix/gtk-3.0. I managed to change the colors of selected items and the color of windows panel(frames). But when I open Chrome the color of the its window panel(frame) is the same as the theme came. Other windows panels are the color I wanted, but Chrome is not.

In what file and how I should change the code in order to change the color of Chrome panel(frame)? Thank you.


I figured it out. This is what I did.

In /usr/share/themes/<theme name>/gtk-2.0 there is a file called gtkrc I opened it using gksudo gedit <path>, after I opened the file I found:

style "chrome-gtk-frame" {      ChromeGtkFrame::frame-color = "#444851" #@titlebar_bg_color      ChromeGtkFrame::inactive-frame-color = "#444851" #@titlebar_bg_color        ChromeGtkFrame::frame-gradient-size = 0      ChromeGtkFrame::frame-gradient-color ="#444851" #@titlebar_bg_color        ChromeGtkFrame::incognito-frame-color ="#444851" #@titlebar_bg_color      ChromeGtkFrame::incognito-inactive-frame-color ="#444851"#@titlebar_bg_color        ChromeGtkFrame::incognito-frame-gradient-size = 0      ChromeGtkFrame::incognito-frame-gradient-color ="#444851" #@titlebar_bg_color        ChromeGtkFrame::scrollbar-trough-color = @bg_color      ChromeGtkFrame::scrollbar-slider-normal-color = mix (0.21, @fg_color, @bg_color)      ChromeGtkFrame::scrollbar-slider-prelight-color = mix (0.31, @fg_color, @bg_color)}  

The color "#444851" is the color I chose for my chrome.

@tittle_br_color is the default value. I just commented the value.

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