Ubuntu: how to burn cd with the CD/DVD creator


Is there some trick to burning a cd with the CD/DVD creator?

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I'm installing k3b because that's a known entity. What is this, and where is the "burn" button? Help just tells me this is Nautilus 3.4.1, but I don't see a burn button to click.

There's no option to burn in the Files menu, nor does clicking on the whitespace indicate an option to burn anything.


Have you inserted CD or DVD in the drive? Note, the option won't appear in the right click menu if you haven't done it yet. See this link for help.

Burning CD/DVD with Brasero:

  • Press Super key to bring dash and type "Brasero" and open it.

  • Click "Data project"

  • Click the + toolbar icon button to add files.

  • Click on the bottom right "Burn" button to start burning.

That's it. You have burned a CD or DVD with Brasero. Though you might also want to use k3b, because it has higher reputation in Linux ecosystem than Brasero.


I was seeing the same behavior, and just figured out the problem: the current user needs to be in the "cdrom" group in order to operate the burner. This is probably the default if you're logged in as the original user you created when you installed, but may not be if you're logged in as a user you created later.

So to fix it, either:

  • Log in as the original user you created when you installed Ubuntu, or
  • Add your current user to the "cdrom" group.

To add a user to the "cdrom" group, log in as a user with sudo permission (such as the original user you created when you installed), open up a terminal, and run the command:

sudo usermod -a -G cdrom <username>  

where <username> is the user you want to add to the "cdrom" group. Then verify that the user in in the "cdrom" group:

groups <username>  

It should show "cdrom" in the list of groups.

Log out and back in as <username> (this is important, or the desktop environment won't pick up the new group membership), insert a blank CD, and you should be set.


Maximize or widen the window of CD/DVD Creator and you will see a button labelled Write To Disc. Click that to burn the disc.


After you drag your .iso file to the white space, right click on it and select "Open with Brasero". You'll get a popup to burn the image.

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