Ubuntu: How to block PCs/Phones connected to my Wi-Fi Hotspot?


I create Wi-Fi Hotspot using Network-Manager. Now since everyone knows the my password, whenever I create Wi-Fi for my use(on phone), everyone connects to it which reduces the speed on my PC as well on my phone. Now is there any way to

  1. Change ssid/password of my Wi-Fi Hotspot?


  2. Block some-one from connecting to my Wi-Fi hotspot?

I know the IP and MAC-Address using arp command.

I haven't tried hostapd yet. I will prefer to use Network-Manager to create Wi-Fi Hotspot. I am using Ubuntu 15.10(development branch)


network manager -> Edit connection -> select wifi -> Edit -> Wifi-security -> change Key


change SSID or password key from config file

 sudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/wifi-name  


You can see the connected devices using nmap:

nmap -O hotspotIP

-O detects the OS of the device.

Why not set up a password for your wifi hotspot, tell those that you allow to connect the password, and that's it.

Otherwise, you can set it up a MAC address filter, placing the MAC addresses of those that you allow to connect in the whitelist. Anyone not in the list is prevented from connecting...

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