Ubuntu: How to answer a call on ubuntu phone?


As the title says, how do I answer a call on the Ubuntu phone. I have tried pressing the answer button (green) or swiping across the screen and nothing happens. It is like the touch screen is inactive. The phone otherwise works normally as I can make outgoing calls and receive texts etc. I just cannot seem to answer incoming calls!


Roger, it sounds like you know how to answer the call but it's not working for you. This happened me a few times before the update. I'd get a call and be swiping like a mad man but nothing happened... touch screen would work with everything else just not answering calls. This ended when I got the most recent update, maybe this could help you?


you can answer an incoming call by wiping the "button" (the grey rectangle with "< >" on it) to the right side. Or decline the call by wiping the rectangle in the other direction towards the red icon.

Answers this your question?

Best wishes, Matthias

answer incoming call by wiping the button to the right


When you receive a call and want to take it, the standard way is to move the white “button" with the 2 arrows from its middle position towards the green phone. If you want to close it, you move it towards the red phone.


Thanks for all the answers. After five reboots, I got it working by swiping the arrow button towards the answer button. Apologies for the seemingly silly question, but I have had the phone since April and I haven't taken a call on it until I started using it as my main phone the other day.

Kind regards, Rog.

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