Ubuntu: How do I upgrade the agent for my bootstrapped environment.


Right now my local juju is 1.24.2, however each agent that gets created with a new environment always does 1.23

I ran juju-upgrade, however that says no upgrades available.

So how do I properly upgrade the agents on all of the bootstrapped environment?


New machines that are added to an existing environment use the same version as the initial machine created. This version is shown in juju status. The client version doesn't impact the version of the new machines.

Sometimes the upgrade logic seems a little strange. I work on the project and I'm not sure I fully understand it.

In order to upgrade the servers you want to do this:

juju upgrade-juju --version=1.24.4  

The 1.23 releases were known to have some horrible bugs, most of which we hope to have addressed now.


Try setting your agent-stream option to proposed. Something like this:

mycloud:    ...    agent-stream: "proposed"    default-series: trusty  

Valid values for that configuration key are devel, release and proposed.

If you have already bootstrapped, you can change it via set-env:

juju set-env agent-stream=proposed  

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