Ubuntu: How do I update my Ubuntu? Archive manager fail


Ok so I downloaded the newest version of Ubuntu after a long period of not touching my laptop. Now, when I open up the .exe file, archive manager tells me, An error occurred while opening the archive. So basically I can't update. I am not fluid in Ubuntu. Can anyone help?


It's not clear what you're trying to achieve: What is this .exe file and what does it have to do with updates? .exe files are usually Windows executable files, so I doubt you'll be able to click on it and have it do what you want.

  1. If you want to update all of your packages (applications),

A very standard way to do this is to open a terminal (press Ctrl + Alt + T) , type these two commands that use the "apt-get" package:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade  

(You will need to put in an administrative password) There are other ways to update software, but this is probably the most common for ubuntu. Also, depending on your choices on install, the application "Software & Updates" should automatically open and tell you when updates are available.

  1. If you want to install new software:

You can use the Ubuntu Software Center App which may be the easiest way if you're not familiar with the command line (click the Dash on the top left, type Ubuntu software, and click on it when it comes up).

If you known the name of the program, you can use the terminal again instead:

sudo apt-get install <program-name>  

Replace with the name of the application/package, like sudo apt-get install firefox.

If you have a guess of what the name is but don't remember, like I wanted a package that I know has "spell" in the name, you could look for it like this:

sudo apt-cache search spell  

This will spit out a list of packages that match that search. Keep in mind it's case sensitive.

Again, I'm totally guessing that these are your questions. Right now as it stands, I don't think your question makes much sense, so check out my question at the beginning of this answer.


If you want to update you can use apt-get:

First you need to update the package sources:

sudo apt-get update  

Then you need to update the packages:

sudo apt-get upgrade  

And after that, you need to update your system:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  

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