Ubuntu: How do I remove or reinstall Ubuntu in Windows 8 UEFI dual when Ubuntu is set as default?


NOTE: It is a UEFI dual boot with Windows 8 AND Ubuntu GRUB is set as default bootman.

I am looking to do a reinstall of Ubuntu since I accidentally apt-get removed system packages. I cannot drop to Root shell and do sudo apt-get install --reinstall Ubuntu-desktop because it gives me a few errors saying that critical dpkg config files are missing or something like that. If possible, I would just like to reinstall rather than remove and install, as this would save my files (the files have been backed up on a Windows 8 partition.) And if I would need to reinstall, can I just remove the partition and then reinstall via DVD and Ubuntu GRUB would work, or would I have to set Windows 8 as my default UEFI boot manager?




First backup your documents onto an external disk (USB or DVDs), then boot on your Ubuntu disk and follow this procedure from the Community Documentation.

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