Ubuntu: How do I prevent byobu from duplicating text on all splits?


Recently I started using Byobu, and I'm having a problem with each split just being a duplicate of the original. Whatever I type in one split appears in all of the others. I'm also using Byobu on another computer and do not have this problem. Is this a bug or did I accidentally modify my setup somehow?


EDIT: I should mention that I have deleted the .byobu folder, but to no avail.


From your description, you're using byobu with the GNU Screen backend, where "splits" are not really handled very well.

Byobu's tmux backend provides a much better experience when trying splits.

You can switch your backend by running:


Or you can manually launch with either backend, using byobu-tmux or byobu-screen.

Full disclosure: I am the author and maintainer of Byobu.


Here is a quick cheat sheet for working with splits in Byobu:

  • C-a + Tab - Cycle split windows
  • C-a + C - Create new tab
  • C-a + {Number} - Select the tab number for the active split window.

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