Ubuntu: How do I open Wine again!


Sigh...so this might be a stupid question. I'm learning my way around Ubuntu (been bottle feed on windows my whole life). I figured out how to install wine, then steam, then installed Skyrim. This took me all night. So when Skyrim froze before opening, I kinda shutdown the computer and called it a night.

Now i am up and ready to tackle this thing, but i can't seem to find, or figure out how to open Skyrim again. I'm not sure if i need to open steam again, or if i can go straight to Skyrim. but each one i downloaded popped up a window on its own when it was finished installing in the terminal. so i have no clue how to get to it.

I did however open wine tricks through the (search your computer and online resources) button. and steam does show up, but i don't know what to do from there. i found a skyrim exe, but when i click on it it says it can't open the archive.


Simply running wine /path/to/skyrim.exe should open Skyrim using Wine.

As pointed out in the comments you can go the extra mile and put this in a fule named Skyrim.desktop on your desktop:

[Desktop Entry]  Name=Skyrim  Exec=wine /path/to/skyrim.exe  Icon=some-icon  Type=Application  Categories=GTK;GNOME;Wine;Game  

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