Ubuntu: How do I know which package to install?


Could you please help me with installing nvclock and nvclock-gtk on Ubuntu 14.10?

I used to use Arch Linux and there everything was simple: We had two repository, official and Arch User Repository, where was all that was needed. But due to some reasons, I have been compelled to install Ubuntu.

So now I wonder where and how could I install the NVClock utility on my PC. I have already installed the proprietary nvidia-304 drivers with nvidia-current package.


The command to look what to install is:

apt-cache search nvclock  

this gives as output:

nvclock - Overclock an NVIDIA card  nvclock-gtk - Overclock an NVIDIA card (GTK+ interface)  nvclock-qt - Overclock an NVIDIA card (Qt interface)  

So the command to install nvclock and nvclock-gtk is:

apt-get install nvclock nvclock-gtk  

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