Ubuntu: How do I install Dell 2150cdn printer


Love Ubuntu but cannot get printer to work. It's a Dell 2150cdn colour laser printer.

I went to settings and tried to add printer and tried all various options but they alll jang for over an hour. Tried in both Gnome and KDE. Chose option to install openprint but it does not load, just hangs.

Loaded openprint fron software centre but doesnt seem to make any difference.

Searched web and found dell PDL file, d/led and installed. Printer works but does not print documents, just lots of blank pages with 1 line of symbols on some of them.

Went to dell site and d/l'd driver file but also makes no difference.

Stuck now and need to get printer working or forced to retreat back to windoze.

Any advice?




There's a longish article at How to install Dell 2150cdn on Ubuntu, but it seems more like something written for an internal user at a corporation. However, they did seem to get your printer running, so there's hope!

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