Ubuntu: How do I disable the Help F1 key?


When the Gnome desktop has focus, hitting F1 brings up "Ubuntu Desktop Guide". How do I disable this keyboard shortcut?

UPDATE: This problem seems to be gone in Ubuntu 12.04 (hitting F1 while the desktop has focus does nothing). I believe the question is specific to Ubuntu 10.04 which I no longer have installed, so I cannot verify the answers.

I will accept whatever answer is confirmed by the community (post a comment on the answer that works for you) and please mention what Ubuntu version you're using.


For 12.10

You can disable the help browser by opening "System Settings" -> "Keyboard" and switching to the "Shortcuts" tab, then under "Launchers" turning "Launch Help Browser" to "Disabled".

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However some applications, for example the terminal, have their own help settings you will have to turn off as well. For the terminal, open the "Edit" menu and click on "Keyboard Shortcuts". Scroll to the bottom and change the key for "Contents" under "Help". To turn the shortcut off, select it and then hit backspace.

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Install the DConf editor, go to org > gnome > desktop > wm > keybindings.

Assign the F1 key to some inoffensive function, like 'raise'.


You can go into Settings->Keyboard->Shortcuts->Starter and press backspace on the coressponding item. Sth. like 'Launch help'

However other applications might still open their help on F1


Just to Disable F1 may not be functioning in gnome. The practice way to avoid F1 to bring up Help window is to assign it to some unused function or a common function, such as 'raise'.

In most Ubuntu releases, using Settings->Keyboard->Shortcuts to assign F1 to 'raise' should work, except Ubuntu 14.04. Under Ubuntu 14.04, use dconf-editor to reassign F1 to 'raise' described by The Thunder Chimp above.

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