Ubuntu: How do I disable the “Fn” keys on a laptop?


I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to disable the fn key on my laptop?


Check your laptop's BIOS. Most of the BIOS handles how to change (or remove) functionality of those special keys. I have just done this in order to change the order of [Fn] and left [Ctrl] keys but I remember there is an option to cancel the [Fn] key.


I recently had a similar problem with CapsLock and fixed it with xmodmap

You would only have to find out the code for fn, perhaps you will find it in the man page of xmodmap.

Update: Refering to thinkwiki.com the keycode for fn should be 227 and the keysym F35

So the xmodmap syntax to disable fn could be remove Lock = F35
I have not tested it.


Press Fn+ESC will toggle between enabling/disabling Fn-key functions.

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