Ubuntu: How can I install Okular on Ubuntu 12.04 without super user access?


I'm at university and would like to put some annotations in a PDF. Unfortunately, only Evince is installed, but that doesn't allow the creation of annotations.

I'd like to install Okular, but don't have super user access. I assume that I should be able to install it in my user directory without super user access, but don't know how to do it.

Could someone please point out how I would have to go about to install Okular in my user directory without sudo?

I did see How to install programs into user directory without sudo, but it just tells me that I can't use the .deb.

I've also seen How to build application without sudo privileges?, but neither answer actually specifies what I should run .configure on. I assume some kind of source package, but the .deb didn't work.


you could use the apt-get source command to fetch the source of the package and configure it to install locally.

apt-get source okular  cd okular*  ./configure --prefix=$HOME  make  make install  

Or using cmake:

cd okular*  cmake -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/home/maythux/opt/ ../okular-4.8.5/  

You may be able to download the .deb of okular.

apt-get download okular  

Once you have your file run dpkg directly from the command line.

The following example will install okular.deb into your home directory.

dpkg -i --force-not-root --root=$HOME okular_*.deb  


If installing Okular locally doesn't work, you could try downloading and Adobe Reader for Linux, and installing it locally. Instructions given on this site here.

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