Ubuntu: How can I get SD cards to mount automatically even when X isn’t running?


I have an old laptop with a fresh install of Ubuntu 14.04. The GUI is painfully slow, especially when something is animating, so I followed these instructions to prevent the window manager from starting when my computer starts up.

When the window manager was running, if I plugged in my USB SD-card reader the card would be mounted automatically. This doesn’t happen when I’m in command-line mode. Is there a way to get Ubuntu to mount the card automatically even when the window manager isn’t running?


You will want to install and set up udisks.

They should then be accessible in /mnt/media/, named by their UUID.

You can see the UUID's of the currently-connected devices by running sudo blkid or ls /dev/disk/by-uuid/.


The process that listens for udisk events in GNOME is gvfsd(1). I think that if you start it in the background in a terminal session you should get automount.

Volumes mounted via gvfsd should be unmounted using gvfs-mount -u /media/volumename


I use devmon running in a separate terminal. It is installed with the udevil package. the default mount location is /media/(Drive label).

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