Ubuntu: How can I get and install the asa utility on ubuntu 14.04?


I am new to Ubuntu. How can I get and install the "asa" utility (for interpreting carriage-control characters in output from Fortran programs)? It does not appear to be installed on Ubuntu 14.04 and I can't find it using search in the software centre. Thanks for any help.


According to this bug, you won't get it in the repositories anymore, you will have to download it from source and recompile.

You can download the tarball from here(the asa-1.1.tar.gz file). And then extract the file by right-clicking on the tarball and clicking on "Extract here".

Now you need to modify the Makefile since the MANDIR variable in the file is incorrect as of a debian system. Open the file using your favourite editor and go to line no 4 which reads as:

MANDIR = /usr/man/man1  

and correct it to:

MANDIR = /usr/share/man/man1  

Now open a terminal(Ctrl+Alt+t and to the location where you have extracted the tarball and type the following:


to compile the source files and create the binaries and then

sudo make install  

to move the binaries to the appropriate location.

After this you should be able to use asa.

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