Ubuntu: Grub Rescue Error:no such partition not allowing to boot from CD/USB


I have Lenovo G570.I had win8 and Ubuntu 12.04 for dual booting. But accidentally I have deleted Ubuntu partition, now it's showing grub rescue error: no such partition error.
I have bootable PD.I am trying to boot from PD.but whenever I switch on my laptop and press F2( BIOS key for Lenovo) or F12(Boot Sequence),it is doing nothing, only showing Grub rescue.
What to do. I have tried all keys like Esc, Del, F10 but it does nothing.

I have deleted the Ubuntu partition. and now I want to install Ubuntu again.I have bootable PD and also have a CD. My problem is that my system is not booting from that PD/CD. What should I do in this case.


Is there any key combination to activate F2 or F12 in Lenovo, confirm that. Issues like these don't usually happen.

And if you remove Hard Disk, you may be able to boot from USB but it can't be permanent solution. Because to fix boot error the MBR should be installed in Hard Disk.

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