Ubuntu: GRUB rescue and out of memory - killing process occurs when I start my laptop


Using USB booting, I installed Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS 64 bit on my LENEVO Ideapad G50 - 70 dual boot with windows 8.1 - In order to overcome Ubi partman error 10 ( I think its RAID isssue) by using -> Try Ubuntu -> clicked on install Ubuntu icon -> pressed F6 when "Choose your language" window appeared and I skipped that error. Then I made 3 partitions for \ ,\home and swape using "Something else option in installation". It worked fine. Ububtu boot loader was giving me both options to use either ubuntu OS or windows 8.1 OS.

-Now in win 8.1, I opened "Disk management" and found that there was about 128 GB free space and 42 GB un-located space. I decided to delete my D:/ partition and then with the newly increased free space, I will create a new partition.

But after shrinking D:\ to 100mb and then clicking on delete 'X' icon, the laptop hanged and I pressed power button for long time and then the laptop switched off.

On start up again, I found GRUB RESCUE COMMANDS and it told No such partition.

Then again I boot up using USB and on selecting "Try Ubuntu", It gave me a long list of Out of Memory ---- Killing process list.

And even when I inserted my old win xp disk for formatting the HDD, it was a Black screen after the line -> Press any key to boot from cd...

What has happened with my laptop? Is it any RAM hardware or software problem? How to fix it? Is all the data on my HDD lost!!!!

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