Ubuntu: GRUB menu while installing xubuntu 15.04


I have windows 7 installed on my system and I'm trying to dual boot my system using a live usb stick of xubuntu 15.04(64 bit) which I created using unetbootin software.
my issue is when I boot from the usb it shows
and then grub 2 screen appears and im unable to reach the screen which has options like "install" and "try xubuntu without installing"
I searched google and found out that "insecure boot" error happens in system having uefi/efi .I'm not able to reach the installation screen Please help!


Use Windows 7 to create a bootavle DVD. Download Ubuntu ISO, double click the file to create DVD. Restart and boot from DVD.


After a lot of readings on the web i realized that the software i used unetbootin does not create uefi compatible bootable usb and then i tried rufus to make a uefi compatible bootable usb and it worked!

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