Ubuntu: grub-install dummy fails. this is a fatal error


I am new to this but I have watched many video how to dual boot Ubuntu with windows 8. I have HP pavilion g6 notebook with 4 GB RAM and Intel i5 processor. I am installing Ubuntu 13.10 with windows 8. In the process of installation I select something else then make some partion as mentioned here. /dev/sda6. 2048 mb of swap area /dev/sda7. 18 GB of / And then I click on install. When installation starts it stuck when grub is installing And message arose as grub install dummy fails. This is a fatal error. I have searched about this on Google many others have faced same problem but none of them helped me. I think the problem is of uefi system. Is there any way so I can dual boot Ubuntu with windows 8.


Try this -

Click on something else

And then don't create the swap space manually

Just create an ext4 partition and let the os decide the swap space for you.

But the problem u mentioned occurs when the grub menu can't read the os from the first priority partition. So, when don't you choose the option - Install ubuntu alongside Windows.

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