Ubuntu: Grub freeze, Live-USB freezing, BIOS-Setup freezing, Windows (dualboot) working fine


I'm using a Lenovo Y50-70.

Grub, Linux, Live-USBs and the BIOS-Setup (insydeh20) (no CD-Drive, can't test that) are freezing after a few seconds.

If I'm fast enough for selecting Windows in Grub, it's booting up fine.

There is also no other PC around I could put that drive in.


I have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to do from here. It happened after an Ubuntu-Installation that just froze at the very end (restart-prompt).


Which version of Windows? Do you use Bios or Uefi.

There may be easier solutions but a reinstall should work for you.

Start Windows.

Right click on My Computer or This PC

Select manage.

Choose Disk Management.

Right click on the Ubuntu partition and select delete.

Make sure you don't choose any other partition.

Plug in the USB and format it as FAT32.

Check the md5 checksum of the iso you downloaded.

Make a bootable USB again with the iso.

Try reinstalling Ubuntu with the new USB drive.

While installing, choose Ubuntu partition preferably as ext4.

To remove grub after removing Ubuntu -->

Boot with a windows disc or USB.

Go to repair this computer.

Choose Command prompt.

Run this command

bootrec /fixmbr


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