Ubuntu: Gnome doesn't remmember my settings


I recently upgradeed from Gnome shell 3.8 to 3.10. My problem now is each time I power on my computer I must enable my extensions. All the extension are disabled at start.

Someone has an idea of the origin of my problem?


Sadly, its a bug, but it can be solved. When You Login, before entering password, their will be setting icon. Click that select another Session & now do some changes then reboot & see your settings will be saved. I had same issues.


Actually it is no bug any more (date of 26th January 2017). You simply go to execute this by:


Then you type into line :


Then Window pops up, where you can make entries for your programs to be saved in a session, when logging out and logging back after reboot.

As command you need to know, where program is located, just an example:

You want to put in gnome-terminal, type as name "Terminal" and as command

set in:


For each wished program you usually need the command which is mostly beginning with /usr/bin/name-of-program.

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