Ubuntu: Find and search inside encrypted compressed files


I want to get a list of all contents inside a (ZipCrypto) password protected zip archive inside the terminal.

Also, how can I filter/search specific file types using grep (Can I)?


You can encrypt files, but still leave the file list unencrypted. If thats the case, save the following code, as finda.sh, or any other name as you like:

for file in *.*; do      if ( 7z l -slt "$file"> /tmp/$file.log); then         echo $file:; cat /tmp/$file.log | grep -iE 'Path*'> $file.log && cat $file.log      fi  done  

Save funda.sh In a directory were all of your archives are in, then execute it, and this is the output:

./finda.sh   one.7z:  Path = one/abradabra.png  Path = one/birb.png  three.rar:  Path = three/blah.png  Path = three/qwa0g.jpg  two.zip:  Path = two/whut.png  


I don't think you can do this with encrypted compressed file.

But you can search for compressed files with no password using zgrep

 zgrep 'word-to-search' /path/to/test.gz  

man zgrep

Zgrep invokes grep on compressed or gzipped files. All options speci‐ fied are passed directly to grep.

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