Ubuntu: Failed 14.04 install and BIOS problem


After upgrading to 14.04 LTS from 12.04 LTS, I received the error

file not found  grub rescue  

So my boot loader is stuffed and I need to repair it. I decided to use a live USB and repair from there. This is where my trouble really began.

Now I can't access the BIOS on my laptop. I can press escape and can see the options, but each time I choose an option (e.g. F9 - Boot Device Options), it won't proceed any further and returns to the grub error message.

I've followed HP'S instructions on accessing the BIOS with no success. My laptop is an HP envy 4 Sleekbook.


First you need to check if live USB you created is working fine or not. If its working fine then go to below.

If you can not select boot device from F9 then use Esc->Bios setting option and change the Boot order permanently(You can change it back again to harddisk). Keep Boot from flash drive to first. Then you no need to press EscorF9 it will directly boot into flash drive.

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