Ubuntu: Extremely slow wireless on ubuntu 14.04 [duplicate]


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I am facing extremely slow wireless connection on Ubuntu 14.04. Also the connection is sporadic. Please help me with this. Also, if there is any more information needed do let me know.


I had found the link from @samsy to be useful, and had a couple of additional things that I did which helped, but did not cure, the problem:

WICD does not entirely work for me in 14.04 - the wireless will not automatically connect, and WICD seems to be unmaintained

I had improvement in wirless performance by setting the regulatory agency:

iw reg get  sudo it reg set US  

Change your country code as required

Disk scheduling also seems to have helped me. My install defaulted to 'deadline' for a disk scheduler. I've changed to cfq for scheduling, and am much happier with overall performance.

To show scheduler:

for f in /sys/block/sd?/queue/scheduler; do printf "$f is "; cat $f; done  

to change scheduler:

echo cfq > /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler  

To change it persistantly, either use the above command in /etc/rc.local, or place it as a kernel option (elevator=cfq) in grub

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