Ubuntu: Error in configure.ac file while running aclocal


I am following https://robots.thoughtbot.com/the-magic-behind-configure-make-make-install to learn how to use autoconf and automake to create the configure script and Makefile.

Below is the content of configure.ac file:

AC_INIT ([helloworld], [0.1], [someone@nowhere.com])  AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE  AC_PROG_CC  AC_CONFIG_FILES([Makefile])  AC_OUTPUT  

However, when I run aclocal command, I get the following error.

user $ aclocal  configure.ac:2: error: AC_INIT should be called with package and version arguments  /usr/share/aclocal-1.14/init.m4:29: AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE is expanded from...  configure.ac:2: the top level  autom4te: /usr/bin/m4 failed with exit status: 1  aclocal: error: echo failed with exit status: 1  user $   

I did google search to see if line AC_INIT ([helloworld], [0.1], [someone@nowhere.com]) was incorrect. But it looks like it is correct way to use AC_INIT.

How do I fix this ?

Also, below is the content of Makefile.am file (if this is related to the error):

AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = foreign  bin_PROGRAMS = helloworld  helloworld_SOURCES = hello.c  


It appears to be just a matter of whitespace: according to 3.1.2 The Autoconf Language from the Autoconf Manual:

When calling macros that take arguments, there must not be any white space between the macro name and the open parenthesis.

 AC_INIT ([oops], [1.0]) # incorrect   AC_INIT([hello], [1.0]) # good  

So you need to change

AC_INIT ([helloworld], [0.1], [someone@nowhere.com])  


AC_INIT([helloworld], [0.1], [someone@nowhere.com])  

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