Ubuntu: downloading problem Ubuntu 14.04


I was downloading Ubuntu 14.04 32 bit installation .iso file. It all downloaded but the last some Kb is not. Can I burn that much and will it install properly .


Not really. If you have downloaded the ISO, you should check the hash if it is completed or not. Its better to use torrent. You can do a thing, download .torrent file and point the file location to the one you downloaded earlier. It will check the file and then complete the missing bytes. Then you can install Ubuntu using that ISO. :)

There are step-by-step instructions for how to continue an interrupted direct download from a torrent at this answer. This works with Transmission, the default BitTorrent client in Ubuntu.


You need the whole file of course to do an install

First choice, try again later, could be a server issue.

Better choice is to change the download type, try the torrent version, should not have this issue with that.

On the same page as above you can also find alternative mirrors, pick one near you and then choose the version you would like.


You will likely encounter problem with corrupted iso image. Simply re-download it.

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