Ubuntu: Download Manager, app store


First of all forgive me, as I have very little knowledge about computers. I have two questions:

  1. Why doesn't Ubuntu have a download manager installed by default?

  2. Why are so many commonly used applications like Opera browser, or variety wallpaper changers, or many other stuff not present in the Ubuntu app store, athough they are supported by Ubuntu?


Answer 1: Because packaged browsers (Chrome and Firefox) have embedded download managers, but they are not very feature rich so you can try this uGet download manager it is nice, lightweight and well-supported in Ubuntu. uGet Download Manager

Answer 2: Not every application would be on Ubuntu app store because applications may not be officially approved by Ubuntu app store or developers want to download our app from their official site or any other reason can be. If you want to download any app you first go to official app store if you would not find anything interesting then of course you would find at Google Search.


Opera can be obtained by going to the website. The App store in Ubuntu is developer submitted and depending on the license the software is developed under, it doesn't always get in there.

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