Ubuntu: Do I need to enable TRIM if I have a non-Intel/Samsung


I read in one of the webupd8 articles that TRIM support, which was introduced in Ubuntu 14.04, by default only works for Intel and Samsung SSDs. What about other? I am using Dell XPS 13 Dev Edition laptop and the SSD is from a different manufacturer, so does TRIM work by default as well or I have to manually make a cron job file?


Everything is already installed.

The command to activate trim 1 time:

sudo fstrim -v /  

It will take a while and then show the results. Example:

sudo fstrim -v /  [sudo] password for rinzwind:   /: 93184647168 bytes were trimmed  

And it is set up by default to run once a week for -supported devices-:

$ locate fstrim  /etc/cron.weekly/fstrim  /sbin/fstrim  

If you check the cron job it is all explained:

$ more /etc/cron.weekly/fstrim   #!/bin/sh  # call fstrim-all to trim all mounted file systems which support it  set -e    # This only runs on Intel and Samsung SSDs by default, as some SSDs with faulty  # firmware may encounter data loss problems when running fstrim under high I/O  # load (e. g.  https://launchpad.net/bugs/1259829). You can append the  # --no-model-check option here to disable the vendor check and run fstrim on  # all SSD drives.  exec fstrim-all  

If the manual method works, you can add --no-model-check to the command at the end (exec fstrim-all) for it to activate.

The link in the file is an interesting read. It also has a method to check if your disc is bugged. A lot of the cheaper SSDs are faulty and could destroy data.

And to top it off: this is a list of compatible hardware (PDF download) including SSDs.

There is another method where you add discard to your fstab for permanent trimming. Benchmarks (German) favor fstrim over discard.


You can also force the TRIM (on filesystem like ext4/xfs) adding discard to the options of /etc/fstab entry. For example mine is:

/dev/sda3   /  ext4    errors=remount-ro,discard  0       1  

If you use cryptsetup (for dmcrypt) you can also add discard in /etc/crypttab to force TRIM. Something like:

sda3_crypt UUID=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx none luks,discard  

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