Ubuntu: Did Firefox (v 39.0) drop support for “Global Menu”? [closed]


... and if so, how to fix / re-enable support? Or would this be fixed by subsequent point releases of Firefox?


If you mean the menu bar on top?

Right click on the hamburger (three stripes) on the upper right corner and click on menu bar.


Simply press Alt to open the menu bar and Alt again to close.

% apt-cache policy firefox  firefox:    Installed: 39.0+build5-0ubuntu0.15.04.1  


It just works: Alt+F still brings up the File menu, Alt+H still brings up the Help menu, moving the mouse to the panel still brings up the full menu as well …

Running FireFox 39.0 on Ubuntu 14.4.02 Unity 7.2.5.


A reboot resolved the issue...

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