Ubuntu: Desktop shortcut and lock to launcher for phpstorm failed to launch program


I have just installed phpstorm, phpstorm can be opened via command line but I can't open the program via launcher or desktop shortcut and nothing error shown.

- My phpstorm.desktop code :

[Desktop Entry]  Name=Phpstorm  Exec=/home/mockie/softwares/PhpStorm-133.982/bin/phpstorm.sh  Terminal=true  Type=Application  

- For launcher shortcut, I created it through phpstorm menu

Tools > create desktop entry

Still no luck, the launcher failed to open the program.

- This is how I run program via terminal :


- Fyi: if I run it via command line, I got this deprecate message :

Java HotSpot(TM) Server VM warning: ignoring option MaxPermSize=250m; support was removed in 8.0

But phpstorm still can be opened successfully.

- I installed JRE on :



I don't know if you ever got this to work, but the issue I'm almost certain was this:

The command you are executing should be:

/bin/bash /home/mockie/softwares/PhpStorm-133.982/bin/phpstorm.sh  


I think you are missing about permission. So, you can make it executable:

 cd /home/mockie/softwares/PhpStorm-133.982/bin   chmod +x phpstorm.sh  

Then, try create launcher again!

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