Ubuntu: Dell T7400 Wont boot ubuntu


Anyone Ubuntu server 14.04 I have Dell Precision T7400 with onboard SAS controller. After installing ubuntu from "LinuxLive USB" USB drive, the machine freezes at the boot screen. I dont get any splash screens, this is happening well before that. There is no drive activity at all.

The weird thing is that if I leave the USB key in the USB port, it all boots up fine, and I get to my ubuntu prompt no problems. The BIOS boot order is the USB first and the local drive second. I have not configured any RAID with the SAS controller.

I had Oracle Enterprise Linux installed (6.4) and it works no problem


answering my own question

Very simple error - grub was on the usb, very simple fix sudo grub-install /dev/sdb (on my machine, sdb was the install target drive) all working nicely now

see here for more details grub on usb

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