Ubuntu: Default state of apport messages in 14.04


Well this is simple question seeking for simple answer: Are those annoying apport error messages turned off by default in Ubuntu 14.04 ?

I know it is stupid to ask this question here, but google has nothing to say about it, and i don`t know who to ask. And i really want to know it.



No, they are not. I'm using Ubuntu desktop 14.04.2 and never had a error reporting pop-up messages up until i installed Oracle VirtualBox. While Oracle Virtual Box runs just fine, and does what it's designed to do, now after the install, upon rebooting the Ubuntu, I get pop-up crash/error messages generated by apport and it's annoying as hell.

There is a way to disable it, look at:


There is a flag you can set to: enabled=0

and that will disable the whole error reporting shenanigans.

Do it at your own discretion, and if you need to turn it back on, just change the flag back to =1 and reboot.

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