Ubuntu: copy and paste files from windows


Hey I just dual boot my pc with windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04.my question is how can I copy my files from windows and paste them in Ubuntu with the help of command only?


  1. Find your Windows partitions (based on size) you want to copy aka /dev name :

    • usesudo fdisk -l

enter image description here

On the picture you can see NTFS partitions under ID 7.

  1. Check what devices you have mounted:

    • use mount | grep /dev
  2. If your /dev/windows-partition won't be listed, we need to mount it

    • cd /mnt (will change directory to standard mounting dir)
    • sudo mkdir Windows (will create folder named Windows, where you NTFS partition will be mounted)
    • sudo mount -t auto -v /dev/sdX /mnt/Windows (where sdX is path/name of your Windows partition)
  3. To check if everything is mounted correctly:

    • cd Windows | ls -la - you should see your Windows drive structure
  4. Copy your Windows files to Ubuntu partition

    • mkdir /home/user/Windowsfiles (will create Windowsfiles folder in your home directory)
    • To copy use: rsync -av --progress /mnt/Windows /home/user/Windowsfiles OR cp -avr /mnt/Windows /home/user/Windowsfiles

This will copy your whole let's say D: drive to /home/user/Windowsfiles

Modify mount directory name and target directory path (and name) to your liking.

If you need clarification, let me know.

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