Ubuntu: Computer gets slow after some time. Sound starts to stutter


I'm having a problem with my computer.

After some time using the PC, the sound starts to stutter whenever i watch a video on the browser or in VLC.

It just happen without any reason. I could be browsing the internet and everything is fine, then i leave the computer and when i come back the sound is jerky.

I've tried to check if there was something abnormal on system monitor, but everything seems fine. No high processor or memory usage. No process using to much memory. Nothing.

The only thing that seems to fix it is a restart. Not even a log out will do it.

What do you guys think i could to to diagnose this problem?


I also got same error with VLC. I simply change my Player to KMPlayer.

Its working fine with my lap.

You Can download on here or

sudo apt-get install kmplayer  

As well as you can check VLC Player Bugs on launchpad.net , askubuntu.com Question and ubuntuforums.org


I got the same error with my browser (chrome). I have to use it without gpu sandbox to be more smooth when whatching video.

google-chrome-stable --no-gpu-sandbox

This is not perfect but it's better than nothing. Video are still smooth on firefox by the way.

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