Ubuntu: Community Supported Virtual HDD Ubuntu Configured for VirtualBox?


There are some websites which hosts some virtual HDD images of Ubuntu configured for VirtualBox, without need of installation. However, I cannot trust them without community support.

Is there any community supported virtual HDD images of Ubuntu configured for VirtualBox?

Is there any virtual HHD Ubuntu supported by community and configured by Vagrant?


You could also try vagrant. This is a super easy way to create and work with VM's and Ubuntu releases images that are scrutinized and used by thousands of developers.

Using vagrant is super easy.

  1. Install vagrant apt-get install vagrant
  2. Add a box of the distro you want vagrant box add trusty/amd64
  3. Start the VM vagrant up


For a simple example check out this project on github. https://github.com/levlaz/braindump

  1. The Vagrantfile installs the VM, syncs folders, forwards ports, and runs a bootstrap.sh script that installs some additional packages in Ubuntu.
  2. The bootstrap.sh is a simple bash script that installs some packgages, and performs various configurations.


No, there isn't an Ubuntu Virtual Image created and supported by Canonical for VirtualBox.

If you want 100% trustworthiness, download Ubuntu and create the image yourself.

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