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How can I change the data directory of Docker where docker save the container (or where lxc save the container)? I have in my server a ssd and a hard drive ant I want that the container will be save on the hard drive. Thanks


I believe that in this guide you'll have a good explanation.

You can change Docker's storage base directory (where container and images go) using the -g option when starting the Docker daemon.

Ubuntu/Debian: edit your /etc/default/docker file with the -g option: DOCKER_OPTS="-dns -dns -g /mnt"

Fedora/Centos: edit /etc/sysconfig/docker, and add the -g option in the other_args variable: ex. other_args="-g /var/lib/testdir". If there's more than one option, make sure you enclose them in " ". After a restart, (service docker restart) Docker should use the new directory.

Using a symlink is another method to change image storage.

Caution - These steps depend on your current /var/lib/docker being an actual directory (not a symlink to another location).

1) Stop docker: service docker stop. Verify no docker process is running ps faux

2) Double check docker really isn't running. Take a look at the current docker directory: ls /var/lib/docker/

2b) Make a backup - tar -zcC /var/lib docker > /mnt/pd0/var_lib_docker-backup-$(date +%s).tar.gz

3) Move the /var/lib/docker directory to your new partition: mv /var/lib/docker /mnt/pd0/docker

4) Make a symlink: ln -s /mnt/pd0/docker /var/lib/docker

5) Take a peek at the directory structure to make sure it looks like it did before the mv: ls /var/lib/docker/ (note the trailing slash to

6) Start docker back up service docker start

7) restart your containersresolve the symlink)


To change the data directory in docker it needs to be run with the option -g /my/data. In my /etc/default/docker I set:

DOCKER_OPTS="-g /srv/docker"

See also my notes here.

To change the data directory in lxc I put in /etc/lxc/lxc.conf:

lxc.lxcpath = /srv/lxc


Upgrade to Docker 1.13.0.

From the Release Notes:

- New  The storage location of the Linux volume can now be moved  

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