Ubuntu: Cannot go into Root


When I enter sudo su or sudo -i in terminal on Ubuntu 12.04, I cannot become superuser. When I enter the password nothing happens. Its like:

user@host~: sudo -i  enter passwd: ******  user@host~: nothing happened  

And then:

user@host~: sudo -s  root@user~: WTF?  

Instead when my normal user enters sudo -s it becomes root. Wtf...?


It seems you wrong default shell setup for the root user.

  • In 1st command sudo -i, you passed the login authentication but no shell run.
  • In 2nd command sudo -s, you are already passed sudo authentication which it you are only asked onces per terminal (may be it has a timeout period). However this time, it loads directly /bin/bash not shell set in the root profile.

To test this theory run:

sudo -i /bin/bash  

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