Ubuntu: cannot create a partition table on /dev/sdb


when I'm trying to create a partition table on my 8gb sd card, its showing this error:

fdisk: unable to read /dev/sdb: Input/output error  

I have used sudo fdisk -l , there the /dev/sdb is not listed, what should I do? please help me .


Unfortunately an I/O error means that Linux cannot read or write your drive for whatever reason. Usually that means that the drive is broken, but I've heard of instances where it still works with Windows or OS X.


As the device is present in the list of 'lsusb', the only option you could try out will be to format the pendrive completely.

But before that, open 'Disk Utility' and check whether the pendrive is present. If present you could format and partition from that application itself.

If the device is not found in 'Disk Utility', you will have to format using the command:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd(x)  

where (x) can be b, c, d etc. Care is to be taken as selecting the wrong device can even endup formatting your harddisk.

If your pendrive have a led indicator, it must indicate that the device is busy when the above command is executed.

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