Ubuntu: Can Ubuntu 13.10 use QQ International without wine?


The Wine always crashes,so I don't want to use it.Can Ubuntu 13.10 use QQ International without wine ?


Yes there is beta version of qq international package was available for download on Linux.

  • Download the .deb file from here.

  • Move to the directory where .deb file was downloaded using cd.

  • Install the .deb file by running the below command,

    sudo dpkg -i <packagename>.deb  

How to connect to the QQ Messenger network?


qq is not supported in Linux at all anymore. The qq for Linux never left beta and in its current form doesn't work at all.

Your best bet for using qq under Linux, is to use the Chinese based distros, Linux Deepin (currently at 2014 version) or Ubuntu Kylin 14.04, and up.

These 2 distros have a working PC version of wineqq that work OK, but I haven't been able to get video or audio working on any system to date. Either that or web qq (which sucks) are your only options at this point for the fullest qq experience currently available.

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