Ubuntu: Can not install UBUNTU from USB or CD/drive


I have been trying to install from flash drive, and CD with no luck . I am running a IBM ThinkCenter M50 (8189A1EU) PC Desktop with 3GB RAM.

I have gone into BIOS and changed the boot order to be CD, or REMOVABLE DEVICE first, and tried putting both of them sequentially, and then even removing HD from the list completely with no success. The machine just hangs with a black screen and a blinking cursor and allows no input.

I have also pressed F12 during normal startup and attempted to select one of these BOOT options from the menu with the same results. I even updated the BIOS with no success. I have disabled the admin security features for all bootable devices in the BIOS.

I was reading somewhere that maybe the machine is too old to install? I also read it might have something to do with ATI card, so I disabled that in BIOS and used the on-board one. Not much happened there either. That being said i do notice that while the screen hangs while I wait for the CD or USB to boot my monitor changes resolutions from 640 x480 to 720 x 400.

All i see is blinking white underscore on black screen.

ADDENDUM -I successfully booted from the windows XP disk without problems,but no luck with the UBUNTU boot disk. As a test I even tried the UBUNTU disk on my other machine with no success. Something tells me the files extracted from the ISO and put onto the USB will not work on CD?


Prior to your edits, I thought there was something wrong with your computer but now that you mention extracted and XP disc booting without a problem, I'm pretty sure the problem's with your disc and flash drive.

You should burn the ISO image using proper utility tools to do it, instead of simply extracting the content onto the disc and burning it that way. There's a difference between the two, as burning it as an image will keep the bootloader whereas simply extracting won't (for more information). As for the bootable USB drive, do what To Do mentioned instead.

The only other explanation I can give is the MD5 checksum of the ISO being wrong in the first place (possibly an incomplete download), but you should always check it after downloading it, and after burning it to a disc to be safe.

I'm not exactly sure of which OS you're using currently (I'm guessing XP), but here are some links which I think may help:

CDBurnerXP, a freeware burner that should work on any Windows platform above 2000 SP4

How to verify integrity for Ubuntu ISO


From within yourwindows installed,try a wubi i stallation then reboot your computer and see what you get (you can always start Windows again and remove Ubuntu installation from Add/Remove programs

WUBI guide is here

And if you have the .ISO file already, download WUBI installer from here, where you will find installation instructions as well.

Note: WUBI installer is compatible with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and its derivatives only.


"I was reading somewhere that maybe the machine is too old to install?"

You will want to start with, not Ubuntu, but Xubuntu or Lubuntu, as your machine does not have the horsepower for full-on Ubuntu with Unity, a very demanding UI with requires compositing and 3D capability in your video adapter. Both of those lighter versions can be booted from a LiveUSB, and once you make up your mind which you like, you can install your preference. Until you install, the files on the hard drive are intact, and even accessible.

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