Ubuntu: Can not install guest services ubuntu 14.04.1 for Vbox 4.3.22 r98236


I'm trying to install guest services to get the screen resolution correct. Running VirtualBox on Windows 7 with Ubuntu 14.04.1 as guest.

I get error: unable to locate package dkms when trying to apt-get install dkms

I also get the error unable to locate package when trying to install anything else.

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-additions-iso  

I can not find any packages!

Is there a link I can download the .iso image from? In Windows and use VirtualBox virtual machine devices->insert guest additions CD image?

Seems the Ubuntu command line can not find the packages


The way I have always installed the Guest Additions is via VirtualBox itself. Once booted into Ubuntu, from the VirtualBox Devices menu select Insert Guest Additions CD Image. You should find a pop up box appears telling you there is runnable software on the CD - click Run to kick off the process.

If the popup box does not appear, click on the CD icon within Unity to open the drive and then click on the Run Software button that appears at the top right of the Window.

Good luck :)


The name of the package is virtualbox-guest-utils, not virtualbox-guest-additions-iso.

Therefore, the command should be -

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-utils  

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