Ubuntu: Can I increase my hard disk space in virtual box which is running Windows 7 currently?


I have my first attempt to install an OS using virtual box and for that I made a 25 gb partition to my hard disk and now I want to increase its size. Is that valid, and if yes, how can i do it?

enter image description here

enter image description here

This is the current status of my virtual machine. I have another question regarding 3d settings for Windows 7 which is installed in virtual box. can virtual box support 3d games enter image description here

enter image description here this is shown when i type the given commands in terminal


For example in order to increase the virtual disk size to 60GB you need to run the following command:

VBoxManage modifyhd "/home/agha/VirtualBox VMs/agha rehan abbas/agha rehan abbas.vdi" -â€"resize 60000 (size is in MB)  

Then you need to start you Windows machine and go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk management right click the disk and select Extend volume to add the unallocated space to the current volume.

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