Ubuntu: Can I get to “root” through a “Terminal”?


When I tried the "shift" key to get a "recovery-mode" Ubuntu just started up as usual with GUI screen."authentication passwd" is asked for when I try to "install updates" from the "software updater" Old computer don't have passwd but can open "Terminal" so how would I get to the "root" to either recover/change passwd? I have already tried looking into the "How to set or reset administrative password" section.


If you want to access "root" from your "terminal" follow these steps:

ctrl + alt + t  

Next enter this into the "terminal":

sudo su  

This will prompt you for your password so go ahead and enter it in... This will bring up a "root" prompt for you to do "root" activities on.

If you want to change your password for your username, this is what you do this under "root":

passwd username  

Make sure that "username" is the name you have set for your user account.

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