Ubuntu: Can I disable processor drivers


My Toshiba laptop freezes when I plug in the AC Power cord.I fix this problem in windows 7 by going into Safe Mode then Control Panel > Device Manager > Processors and disable both of them. What I am disabling is the processor driver actually thus preventing the processor from going into C or P states. The problem is, whenever the processor goes in power management or downclocks, the system freezes and shows colorful horizontal or vertical lines. I want to try ubuntu but I don't know how to disable processor drivers . thanks in advance!


Linux has a quite different architecture to Windows and the equivalent of what you are doing is not to "disable a driver".

You do have some runtime control over processor C states. Writing "0" to /dev/cpu_dma_latency effectively disables all C states according to this although you may also get what you want by adding intel_idle.max_cstate=0 as a kernel boot parameter (eg on your kernel command line in grub).

Note that doing this is only a workaround for a hardware fault. If your processor is unstable enough to change C states without crashing, you may experience other serious issues. Is it excessively overclocked?

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