Ubuntu: Can I contribute my compiled software to the repos


So far I have seen many packages in the Ubuntu repository (e.g. Eclipse) which are old, so I have to compile and install it manually. So I wondered if I could contribute to Ubuntu and help to update some packages so not everybody has to manually install them? It may sound a bit naive but somebody has to do that, right?! I am willing to learn if it is more complicated!


Some packages are updated by community members, but the bulk of the software in the Ubuntu repository are updated by Canonical.

They categorize their software broadly into supported and unsupported. Canonical provides updates for the former and community members can provide updates for the latter. See the wikipedia page for more information on the classifications.

It appears that Eclipse specifically is unsupported free software, so the packages must be managed by a community member. I was unable to find out who exactly, but it is likely someone on the Eclipse development side. In any event, any packages in the Ubuntu repos have to go through a thorough approval process so it may be more involved than simply uploading a package you download from the source website.

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