Ubuntu: Bypassing Network Manager


Assuming there is more than one ethernet NIC as well as a wireless device on a given system, how can I specify custom settings in /etc/network/interface for one of the NICs but allow Network Manager to manage the others?


Network Manager ignores NICs mentioned in /etc/network/interfaces by default. So don't add anything about the other NICs in that file. From man NetworkManager.conf:

[ifupdown]     This section contains ifupdown-specific options and thus only has effect      when using ifupdown plugin.       managed=false | true            Controls  whether  interfaces  listed in the 'interfaces' file are             managed by NetworkManager.  If set to true, then interfaces listed in             /etc/network/interfaces are managed by NetworkManager.  If set to             false, then any interface listed in /etc/network/interfaces will be             ignored by NetworkManager. Remember that NetworkManager controls the             default route, so because the interface is ignored, NetworkManager may             assign the  default  route to some other interface. When the option is             missing, false value is taken as default.  

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