Ubuntu: Burned DVD/CD from yesterday are blank!


I just burned a Windows .iso image to a blank DVD. And now it just says blank media, when I read from Ubuntu!

Is it a problem with the .iso image, or because it is a Windows .iso image?

Very troublesome for me. I'm using Brasero Disc Burner.


I've had this happen to me before. The data has clearly been written to the disk if you hold it to the light but for some reason it registers as a blank disk.


Toss it in the garbage and try again with another disk. Also, try changing the burn speed; some people say that you are prone to less errors if you burn the disk at a low speed.


Burn it using Ubuntu. The process is really simple: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/burn-a-dvd-on-ubuntu. If the problem persisted, it might be a hardware problem.



This is a common issue under Windows, with the default behaviour being to create 'the intent' of burning the data (but not actually encoding).

This can also be caused by drive (hardware) issues; wherein the data is written, but the CD/DVD is not correctly encoded to mark written/unused space (and later appears as still unused/blank).

You need to be more specific:

Are you trying to create an Ubuntu LiveCD?

You likely can't, as Ubuntu (desktop) will NOT fit on a 600MB CD);

OR, just experiencing an issue with writing an .iso file to optical media?

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