Ubuntu: browser hijacker won't go away after deleting Vista


I recently downloaded Ubuntu and deleted the old OS, windows vista, however, a browser extension called Frontier search has hijacked Firefox and I can't seem to remove it. Please help, all guides to removing it are for windows. It appears to be replacing the default search on both Firefox and chromium with frontier search, putting ads all over and stating that windows defender (without windows being installed) is trying to defend my PC from simple things such as YouTube.


wow never seen that happen in linux ,,,,,

easy way ,,,,,,export your bookmarks ,,,,,,remove firefox and chromium sudo apt-get remove --purge firefox chromium ,,,make sure the .mozilla folder got removed (I dont know where chromium keeps it's extensions) ls -la ~/ if you see a mozilla folder delete/remove it then reinstall firefox and chromium

their may be easyer ways like just deleting the .mozilla in your home DIR.

but this should work

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