Ubuntu: Bootable USB Ubuntu


I see that this has been asked around here before. But not only are the answers over a year out of date, they all point to a Windows installer that is known to have a virus.

I know this for a fact now because I just downloaded it. It passed two scans and failed on the third. So, it indeed is virus infected. That would be the one from peninstaller.com.

I think that's pretty messed up that everyone is still pushing that thing when even their OWN site says it's known to be infected. How stupid is that?!

Anyway... I have the Ubuntu ISO. But I have it on a machine with no CD burner. I really need to use it to make a USB drive bootable.

Does anyone have any ideas?


On Ubuntu you can use usb-creator-gtk.

On Windows you can use http://www.linuxliveusb.com/.

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